My name is Mickey Finley.


I started fly fishing in 2008 when I moved to Bennington Vermont. I walked into the Orvis flagship store, walked out with a rod, and the obsession began. Growing up in CNY, I avoided the outdoors for a long time. I spent my days focused on music and arts and tried to make a career path involving them. Sadly, I lost my passion for this years ago. I still play now and again but it was too much to try and profit off my dreams. Fast forward some years, I spent my time in Vermont trying to figure out picky native Browns and Brooks, Climbing blue lines and fishing historic rivers in the surrounding areas. If I learned nothing else it was patience. I moved to Boston in 2013 to find a more steady work/life balance. Even though I have a stable job and family, I found myself longing for the outdoors and put my passion and focus into New England freshwater. In doing this I found myself. I have never had a blog, or even thought about it… But as I’ve learned more and more about this sport I decided to share my story with whoever chooses to read it.


I wont write backwards. I started my blog on 4.10.2016. So thats where the story begins.

Thanks for reading.

Tight Lines, Mick Fin