Pepperell MA, 5/25 and 5/30

May 25th


I headed up to Pepperell alone to get some more time on the bamboo rod. Its definitely a different feeling and I felt a little awkward my first day out casting it, even if I had success I wanted to make sure I understood how to cast this rod effectively. I spent the entire day in the same spot just to work on distance and timing and it has a good amount of tricky spots for me to fight through. I ended up landing 9 rainbows. Most of them smaller 12-14 inch. Still a great afternoon. One of my rod tips split and is now in the shop. I haven’t had much luck with gear so far this year, but its worth it landing the amount of fish I’ve had so far this spring.

May 30th, Memorial day


I spent the last few days tying up some of my own pattern nymphs and buggers which I’m relatively new too, And for memorial day I tied the americmidge, A red white and blue fly of my own design and luck struck and nailed a beauty on it. I explored some different areas in Pepperell I have yet to go to. It was a “tropical” storm in the morning but cleared up before noon, and the bows went crazy. I missed more fish than I can remember on buggers and landed 7 nice sized bows in deep pools all day. Aggressive strikes the entirety of the day, and a whole hell of a lot of fun. However, I broke another rod… Its my fourth this year and its almost hard to admit that. I never broke a rod in my life and broke four this year. Either way, its worth it to be out there. I love that area it has a very similar feel to my days in Vermont. Old growth and a lot of over hang, the place is just special.

I wont be fishing for a week or two. I have to put some money into repairs and take some time to tie flies before I head back out. Hopefully to a new river or even a new state. Stay tuned!

Mickey Finn


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