Squannacook River 5/12


This morning me and Will made a trip to Groton to try and find some browns on the Squan. Having only been there one other time this year I felt it necessary to branch further up to an unknown branch of the river. We spotted very few fish until we hit an old tree and decided to try our luck.

Will landed a healthy brown on his first cast in a slow drift down some 40feet or so. Come to find out, this was his first brown ever. Very excited for him!


After watching rises for about 15 minutes, I could not place a dry in front of them due to location. I hopped up onto a fallen tree and walked into the center of the river. After about 5-6 minutes of being off balance and casting like a moron, I got my balance and cast a 22 elk hare right down a riff. One rose, but I pulled fast and spooked. Thankfully, its still young enough into the season to be able to re cast. On the second cast a beauty rainbow came up and hit it top water. Awesome breech, awesome fight and awesome fish. First on top water this year as well.


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