Swift River 5/3


The fish here couldn’t be more un predictable.

Every time I visit the swift I learn something new, I believe thats the draw for me. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of going to a river and standing in a line of people at a pool filled with giant fish.

Don’t get me wrong, The swift has some beautiful places with little traffic and great production. It’s just, I personally want to figure the famous “Y” Pool there. What I’ve come up with is this.

  1. Use 7x leader. Use 2ft of 7x or 8x tippet.
  2. Start with a dropper rig sizes 20-28 or any combo of small.
  3. If you don’t have a hit in the first 5-10 casts, Change flies.
  4. Try flies you normally wouldn’t.
  5. Do not use what someone else is using that is working. That doesn’t mean anything there.

Trying to figure it out has led me to believe that there is no figuring it out. People who fish there everyday are having to re think there plan every morning as well.

I have to force myself to remember there are fish all over that river, and fish that are harder to fish for. I believe I will be spending my time from now on away from the pool. It doesn’t feel like fishing to me, Just stressful.

Either way I had an excellent fishing day. Landed a bunch of bows and brooks. I ordered a bunch of flies recently so I may not be going to back to the swift till the summer. I’m really trying to branch out and try new places.


Tight Lines,

Mickey Finn



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