Chittenango and Oriskany Creek



What a week so far.. We left Boston for NY last Wednesday and its been quite a time.

Me and my friend Paul hit Oriskany Creek for a few hours. Very hot day and was only able to pull one guy out (photo above) with some euro techniques. Still such an gorgeous day on the river. Paul ended up ripping his boot apart but other than that not a bad time at all.



What a river. Honestly a great fishery. We headed out before day break and hit the river hard until about 4 in the afternoon. 12 hrs on the water about 12 fish from the lot of us, and about 12 lost!

The morning started with me hooking into a nice brown on small free stone stretch. He fought for about a minute and then I lost him. He hit some shallow patch and bounced of the rocks. This river can be very tricky to maneuver around if your not use to it, but its small enough to get a feel for quickly.

Paul took one small brown out of a deep beautiful pool, and Ricky grabbed two nice browns out of the same pool.

We headed to lunch around 11am to clear our heads, Mostly mine because at this point I was getting frustrated with losing flies and missing hook sets.

When we headed back to the water I was cool and collected, I immediately hooked into a monster brown under a big tree and lost him and my rig in seconds. After calming back down I landed two nice browns back to back!


I tried to snap a video of the second one, but I accidentally forgot to hit record. He was a little bigger then this 12″ above all and all a beautiful fish.

I heard Ricky screaming about a quarter mile down river. I started running down the bank to see the haul and WOW. Ricky landed a 21″ MONSTER brown. When trying to photograph he flew out of Ricky’s arms and right into my lap. Hell of a fish. Hell of a moment for my brother.

We headed down two a couple holes and ended up landing on a hole that pulled a brown almost ever three casts. This tiny pocket was filled with fish and was surrounded by trees, so if you don’t make it in the hole your heading into a tree. I unfortunately kept on losing my rig on fish or brush. But the boys did an excellent job  there of hauling fish.

A great couple of days with my friends. These are the days I live for.

Thanks for the read,




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